Application Information 2021-2022

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2021-2022 Application Form (click here!)

  1.  Pay the $50 application fee ($25 for additional siblings, if applying for more than one child) at the time you submit the application materials. Applications submitted without the fee cannot be considered. Checks should be made payable to EBNS. The application fee is non-refundable and is not applied to your tuition. You may access the application on our website, www.ebns.org, and mail the completed application and fee to our Registrar at EBNS’ address:

EBNS Registrar, Cori Almekinder

4 East Henrietta Road

Rochester, New York 14620

  1.  You will be contacted by our Registrar upon receipt of your application. Each application is carefully reviewed beginning February 1. Should more discernment be necessary, the second stage of admissions may be an interview. You will be notified of the enrollment status of your child no later than March 1.
  2.  If your child is offered a spot in one of our classes, you will receive an acceptance letter, a Parent/Guardian Agreement, and a Physician’s Report initially; a tuition bill along with other pertinent forms will be sent out after receipt of the Parent/Guardian Agreement. A first payment of 25% of tuition is due May 1 and secures your child’s spot in the class. In the event that more applications are received than openings in a class, a lottery will be generated. If your child is placed on a waiting list, you will be contacted if a spot becomes available. Please feel free to contact our Registrar, Cori Almekinder, at any time (registrar@ebns.org or (585) 633-8935).
  3. If you are a returning family, be sure that all previous tuition charges at EBNS have been paid in full. Applications cannot be considered if there are outstanding tuition payments.
  4. Limited scholarships are available based on financial need. Scholarship applications are available on our website at www.ebns.org. Please contact our Treasurer at (585) 633-8935 or treasurer@ebns.org for more details.
  5. EBNS offers a cooperative nursery school and cooperative KinderGarden program in a multi-age educational setting for children ages 3 to 6 years old. It is recommended that families apply for their children in the program following the guidelines provided below, with exceptions made upon agreement between the family, our teacher, and the Registrar team. We also recommend that children be toilet-trained or in the process, though it is not required.

You will be notified by our Registrar once we’ve received your application.  If you would like to know how many children are on a class’s waiting list, or have any questions at all, please email Registrar@ebns.org or call the school at 585-633-8935.     

Thank you again for your interest in EBNS!  We look forward to receiving your application!  

Annual Tuition/Involvement Information 2021-2022

                 Annual Tuition and Involvement Information for 2021-2022:
   T & TH Mornings Class
(For 3 to 4-Year-Olds)
M, W & F Mornings Class
(For 4 to 5-Year-Olds)
 M – F Mornings Class
(For 5 to 6-Year-Olds)
Dollar Cost $1,100 $1,450 $2,100
Time Involvement(ranges from an avg of 1-5 hrs per week, or 100 hrs/year) ·Parent Helper Days in the Classroom (~6-7 days)
·Parent Team Responsibility (possible Board position)
·Participation in School Fundraising
·Attendance at School and Community Events
·Parent Helper Days in the Classroom (~7-8 days)
·Parent Team Responsibility (possible Board position)
·Participation in School Fundraising
·Attendance at School and Community Events
·Parent Helper Days in the Classroom (~8-9 days)
·Parent Team Responsibility (possible Board position)
·Participation in School Fundraising
·Attendance at School and Community Events
A 15% discount off the lesser tuition is available for families with siblings attending concurrently.
Families of siblings in more than one class are responsible for the number of Parent Helper Days for the older sibling’s class.

EBNS is a small school and our budget is tight. We strive to keep tuition as affordable as possible so that our school is available to as many families as possible. If you have the means to make an additional donation to the school, please consider doing so. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution. Your donation will help to provide additional supplies, help fund larger improvement projects, or go toward our scholarship fund. Please submit your donation to our Treasurer, (treasurer@ebns.org) with a note so that s/he can send you a tax receipts.


Additional Information:

What Does it Mean to Be in a Co-Op?

Immunization Form/Physician’s Report Form


EBNS Parent Guardian Agreement 2021-2022

Email Registrar@ebns.org for a virtual tour!