Finding His Way To EBNS:

Teacher ● Father ● Traveler ● Nurturer ● Farmer ● Learner

Educational Experiences:

Early Childhood Education at SUNY Geneseo ● Kindergarten Teacher at Cobblestone School ● Art Teacher in the Rochester City School District

Educational Philosophy:tommoore

  • Child-Centered, experiential education
  • engage kids and prepare them for future learning.
  • Play! Wonder! Nurture! Fairytales, songs and games are used to open minds and hearts.
  • Learning and life are seasonal and rhythmic. Varying play by the season and by the day is purposeful and allows children to learn actively.

Hopes Within the Classroom:

  • Every child should feel important and understand that their feelings matter.
  • Children will come together respecting and caring for one another so they will grow to function as healthy adults with an appreciation for community.
  • When friends are sad, hurt or feeling left out, they talk about how it is important that everyone feel included and safe, with their bodies as well as their hearts.
  • Children will be encouraged to notice each other and to let each other know when something is not right or if someone is hurting.
  • Embracing the joy of teaching, learning and community!


“What could be more magical than watching children grow?” – Teacher Tom


Tom Moore

Tom Moore