Tom is a gentle yet strong grace in guiding the classroom. An inspiration!

Teacher Tom has the most calm, peaceful qualities about him and they are reflected in the manners of the students. His love of nature and the world around him create a natural inquisitiveness within the students that carries over into the home. Teacher Tom is amazing and we are so blessed that our daughter has been able to start her school career off with him.

Tom is the calmest, most gentle person- he is as close to zen as I have ever seen in a teacher. He has not only helped my child to grow, but so too myself and husband in regards to our parenting. Tom is incredible- there just aren’t teachers like him now-a-days. We are truly blessed to have him.

Tom brings creativity and a sense of calmness to the class. He also works with all types of parents (as helpers) and children, and focuses on the strengths of each individual.

Tom sets a tone of calm cooperation, and a pure enjoyment of friends, songs, nature, storytelling and discovery. The children have grown into a playful, comfortable, and compassionate little community by following his example and gentle guidance.

Tom is a great example of an early childhood education professional. While people often talk about how Tom is good with the children because he seems to be a naturally calm and even-headed fellow, I think that he deserves more credit than that. Just by watching Tom you can tell that he works very hard at his job, and that he understands that to be a top-notch teacher he must be a caring, fair, and solid presence in the classroom. He’s truly a pro and he does magnificent work with the children. Big ups to Tom!

I love the castle room. I think giving kids lots of gross motor time is a great way to start the day.
I also love the play yard and how the kids go out almost every day. And I like EBNS’s predominately non-academic approach. I think at this age, play and imagination should be emphasized.